Corona Virus — It’s all about ideal inspiration

Corona virus disease is an infectious disease. Corona virus (COVID-19) caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. In fact, Corona Viruses (CoV), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) are a large group of viruses that cause diseases both in animals and birds. In humans, these corona viruses cause respiratory infections, which are typically mild including the common […] […]

Keep Calm It’s March Madness… — Women and Words

A reader’s perspective on Basketball or the lack thereof I know I felt a little insulated from all the initial chaos and cancellations taking place in Asia and Europe in January and February. Then, all of a sudden within a week sports leagues and events were cancelled; things here started to shut down and it […] […]

Get Well Soon Marcus — The Parquet Podcast and Blog

Photo: WBZ Boston By: Patrick Whalen Well I wish we were here at the Parquet were back under much better circumstances, but a week after the NBA suspended its season indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak the Celtics have now been personally affected. Marcus Smart is the first member of the Celtics organization to test […]

Data from China Shows the Majority of People with Covid-19 Only Suffer Mild Symptoms, then Recover — The Health Times Global News

By Ivana Kottasová and Henrik Pettersson, CNN Updated 11:18 AM EDT, Fri March 20, 2020 Most people who contract the novel coronavirus experience mild symptoms, according to data from China, where the worst of the epidemic now appears to be over. Last month, scientists from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a […] […]

LeBron James may have tested positive for Coronavirus — archyde

This afternoon, the NBA announced that two players from Los Angeles Lakers they tested positive Coronavirus, however they have not yet given the names of the players. Before the outbreak of Coronavirus in the NBA, This was suspended indefinitely, in addition to starting the protocol of conducting studies on the players to find out who […] […]

19 Inspiring Quotes From NCAA Basketball’s Greatest Coaches

19 Inspiring Quotes From NCAA Basketball’s Greatest Coaches By Cecilia Meis | March 11, 2016 | As you fill out your bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament, remember the hard work and dedication it took—on and off the court—for those 68 teams to get to that point. Whether they’re battling to break the number of career wins like Mike […]

What Basketball Can Teach Us About Responsibility

What Basketball Can Teach Us About Responsibility by Jim Rohn | Mar 13, 2020 | Personal Development | During the years when professional basketball was just beginning to become popular, Bill Russell, who played center for the Boston Celtics, was one of the greatest players in the professional leagues. He was especially known for his rebounding and defensive skills, but like […]


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